The Open Class

Can be found in The Atrium at Connection Point Church in Raytown, MO

Our Main Bible Teacher

Author, Bilingual Voiceover Talent, and Bible Teacher Dan Hurst

What we teach

The Practical Application
of The Bible.

Faith: Trusting Obedience to the known will of God.

The Open Class in person

A relaxed Bible Study where you can come as you are. We have folks wearing dress clothes and others wearing shorts and flip flops.


   This site is a ministry of The Open Class Bible Study at Connection Point Church in Raytown, MO which is a large suburb on the southeast side of Kansas City.

   Our Main Teacher is Dan Hurst, however we occasionally have guest speakers, and we have backup teachers as well. You will see their studies on this site as well. Lately for backup teachers we have had Don Martineau, Ben Ortiz, Ken Raby, and Dr Randy Shepard, who are all very fine teachers, and God uses them all well!

   We are only here, sharing this message because of The Goodness and Mercy of Our God. So please give God all The Glory. Only He is truly worthy!

What We Believe